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   Psalm 34:5a "They looked at Him and were radiant."

How many radiant people do you know? Are you one of them? When people look at you do they see 'Jesus' Face? 
I began to meditate on that today. I had the privilege of meeting with a group of women for a retreat this last weekend. I saw the face of Jesus in many of those women. 
Being radiant is not an on again off again experience. It is not just a happy go lucky person or someone who every now and then shows joy. The radiance of God should be a daily thing that people see in us. Some days we are happy and some days sad but we should always be reflecting the radiance of God. 
How do we become radiant?
The scripture says: 'They looked at Him' We must be IN His presence more than OUT of it. We must spend more time focusing on Him in our lives than on the outward distractions around us. We spent time with Jesus this last weekend and those women reflected His glory. They had spent time with Him. 
These people that ar…


God's Word is filled with secret things He has given us to explore. His Word is not a mystery, only it is hidden from those who refuse to seek its meaning. Take time today to seek His Truths.
Philippians 4:10-13 says "Think on these things ... what is true, worthy of reverence, honorable, seemly, just, pure lovely and loveable, kind and winsome, gracious, virtue and excellence, worthy of praise.

We must fix our mind on these things - they all describe our Jesus. Phil. 4:9 instructs us to practice what we see and hear and to model our lives after that. Then the God of Peace will be with us. (We will have an untroubled, undisturbed well-being)

Phil. 4:11 - Oh, to learn to be content in whatever state I am in! Wonderful in concept but much harder to live. To be satisfied and not disturbed or disquieted, no matter where I am.

Have you learned the secret? To think on these things? Also, in every situation that comes, that our strength lies in Christ who gives us the power. He inf…


PAUSE AND ASKAre we too busy for God to lead us?Are our lives full of distractions and disturbances?All these things tend to keep us busy and they remove our focus from what is truly important.
During our busy days, we must PAUSE and stop what we are doing, if just for a moment, take a breath and PAUSE!  We must re-focus our attention on what is True and Honest, what is Pure and Lovely. We must focus on what is relevant and pleasant. Once we have changed our focus then we can ASK.Ask what is His purpose for us. Ask what is His will for us. Ask what is His direction for us and for strength to carry it out in order to fulfill His intended end for our lives.
PAUSE, today! ASK, today! Do it now! PAUSE where you are this minute. Breathe deep and re-focus. ASK for His plan - it is the best!
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Watch Out For Sharks!!

Watch out for sharks! As I was watching the news, they were reporting about the sharks in Florida swimming very close to the shallow water of the shores. It was amazing looking down on them, seeing them swimming and stalking.
And God said we need to watch out for sharks! This is how the enemy is moving today. He is swimming in the shallow waters, boldly getting closer and closer seeking whom he may devour.
Then as I was observing the video looking down on these sharks, God reminded me that we should be seeing the enemy for who he is. We can see what others cannot, we see through the eyes of the Spirit. We can be aware of the enemy and his plan to attack if we see through and in the Spirit. But we must be above the enemy, in the Spirit realm.
Choosing to play in the shallow water is dangerous. Do not in anyway give place to the enemy by playing in his shallow waters. Be observant, be diligent, be aware because the sharks are circling ready to devour. Don't test the waters, stay on the…

Mom's Mini Mansion

Happy Mother's Day, Momma:
I know you are rejoicing today! All your tears have been wiped away. You are free from pain and you are laughing and leaping for joy. Thank God you are delivered. You are totally at peace!
Thank you Lord for your Presence and for your Word that sets us free! Father, You gave me Jer. 31:16,17. “Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord, and your children return from the enemy’s land. And there is hope for your future, says the Lord; your children shall come back to their own country.”
I call them back to you, all my wayward family, Lord-they are yours, they will not be lost! Your word is the truth and will be manifested now. Praise you God. 
Mom, your faith is rewarded as your son has come home. Your 1st born son is now walking with God! Today, he is rejoicing and praising our Father God. After over 40 years your prayers are paying off. 
In 2013, on my Mother's birthday, Father God gave me a s…

It Takes a Little Faith

I woke up with part of a song on my mind today. "It only takes a little faith to move a mountain". Can you move a mountain that is in your life? An addiction, a bad habit, a debt you cannot pay. Something in your life you cannot handle emotionally, physically or spiritually?
It only takes a little faith! YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE!!

Your trust and reliance needs to turn to the ONE who is Faith! The GREAT I AM! The ONE who can move mountains and cast them into the deepest sea! Put your 'little bit of faith' in the ONE Who is able. Watch your mountain move!

God of the Now

God Whispers Today:

I am the God of the NOW! See Me in this instance, in this moment. Why do you wonder, why do you say 'what is going on', what's next? all of these things reveal your lack of trust in Me.

You are preoccupied with the ultimate end, the conclusion, the finish! You want to 'see' answers now. I am the God of the NOW, I AM, ALL in ALL!

I have your need met NOW. Trust Me in each moment. Do not fear the future, do not fret the past. Seek ME; See ME in the moment. The plan is in the moment. The one you are in. I will never guide you at some time in the future, but always here and NOW. The freedom, joy, and fulfillment is immediate.

I AM a God of the NOW! My Spirit dwells in you and I in you and you in ME. Look for ME in all you say and do. Be still and know, I am in your NOW.